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Real Estate Investment Properties

Earn Steady Cash Flow from Real Estate Investment

real estate investmentOur Cleveland real estate investment properties are carefully chosen in markets where home prices are low, rents are high, and profit potentials are through the roof. A Seasoned, Successful Real Estate Investor Shows You How!

Make Money with Real Estate Investment Properties

Buy investment PropertiesLet your investment real estate property be occupied by great renters who send you big, fat rent checks every month! You can own this dream. It’s neither too costly nor too complicated anymore!

learn how to buy an investment property


Servicing Property Investors Since 2000

Rooftop Profit Max helps investors, even rookies; create a steady cash flow in real estate. Now, average people with regular jobs can have an income source without quitting their jobs or changing their lives (except for having extra money, that is).

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Affordable Real Estate Investment Properties with Massive Cash Flow:

  • Ohio income properties selling for under $45,000 produce:
  • Cash flows of $400-$1000 a month in rent
  • And $20,000 to $70,000 in equity

Our team of pros helps you choose the income property that’s right for you, rehab it and secure a good tenant. So you can just sit back and wait for your first cash flow real estate payments.

Investment Properties- Real Estate Investment Education

profit-loss1 The Rooftop Profit Max System also offers real estate investment educational materials and free seminars. Whether you want to learn our method first or dive right in, Rooftop is ready to help you make money with income property investment

Real Estate Investment Properties- Get Your Free Report

Want to see some solid facts and figures before going any further? Contact us today for a free report that reveals the financials behind 10 of our investment properties. You’ll get a spreadsheet that shows all costs including renovations and taxes, the monthly rental income, and appreciated value of the homes.

This report makes it clear in dollars and cents how much you can earn from investing in our recommended Ohio income properties.

Rental Property Management Service & Home Maintenance Plans

We understand that today’s rental market can make you a lot of money or cost you dearly. Our company makes sure that your home or multiplex stays rented. We have a complete staff of people that can handle all the details. We already manage over $60,000 a month in rental receipts. We can turn on utilities, rehab, pick up your rent, complete section 8 and yearly inspections, keep your unit rented, go to court when needed, and we have a complete maintenance plan that will make your rental property more profitable.

If your tired of getting charged for every little thing that goes wrong with your property then we are your company. Click here to see our home maintenance & Professional Property Management Plans.